Crochet Snapback

Crochet Snapback

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Revive and refresh your worn out or tangled crochet hair and synthetic wigs. 

***this product DOES NOT HAVE WATER ADDED so  spray lightly***

For best results work in sections to avoid the product drying before you finish. If the spray dries mist the section with water and start again

Apply/spray evenly throughout WET hair from root to end. Start the detangling process by snipping knots from the crochet hair with scissors, then carefully separating the section of hair with your fingers, thoroughly. Run your closed hand up and down the crochet hair to work in the product and then finger comb from the ends to the roots. Rinse out with cool water or leave in as much as desired.

*Helps to remove tangles & knots

*Leaves crochet hair feeling revitalized and refreshed.

*Instantly softens